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    Thanks be to you, O God, that life is marked by celebration, that the ordinariness of day-to-day life is broken by occasions of festivity and giving and togetherness.

    Thanks be to you, O God, that life is also marked by transition; that we can now leave the old and look to the new with some renewed sense of hope and expectation.

    Thanks be to you, O God, for life in relationship with family and with friends, and all thanks that we are changed in this life together, that faith is called out of us, that purpose is revived, that grace is extended.

    All thanks to you, O God, for each occasion when life is so good, so abundant, so full of love that we wonder if our experience can contain it.

Amidst our thanksgiving hear also our intercession, for life too is tenuous, difficult, ambiguous.

    We are hoping that incarnation is still a reality, that you are still involved in our lives and in our world. We are summoned to celebrate your coming, yet it is your absence we so often experience.

    Where are you when our talk of love and freedom is belied in lives of insensitivity and smallness? Where are you when the desire to be accepted or the need to get ahead makes us hurt those for whom we care or makes us oblivious to the feelings of those about us? Where are you when despite our wealth and good intentions we cannot keep the very residents of our own city clothed and fed and housed in a decent place?

    We do not know; we are not sure. Life is not settled, and so we must, even now, hope. So then, hear our prayers for those whose hope is so small, so petty, so sensible. Hear our prayers for those for whom the need to control life makes faith imperceptible.  Hear our prayers for all who are victims in this world—victims of senseless aggression or of prejudice, victims of society's misplaced values or of their own poor judgments.  Hear our prayers for those whose experiences of loss or disappointment or disillusionment make life painful, especially amidst days of celebration.

    Now give us courage, courage to forgive ourselves, courage to live gracefully amidst uncertainties, courage to let go and live.  Continue to save us in and through this Christ of incarnation.    Amen


-----James C Leach, in Pulpit Digest, NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 1988 I (477) p. 57-58.



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